RC Game

RC Game is a game studio that develops mobile games across all major platforms (iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Windows 8 Metro, Android). The primary goal is to provide visual and audio entertainment for game players.

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Apple Waltz

Apple Waltz is a cloud-based game in which your name and highest score are stored on our cloud server. It has a very simple objective : Tilt your device, catch apples and avoid durians. Simple concept but challenging. We also provided a cross-platform public leaderboard where you can check the highest score from other players all around the world and compete with them.
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Cat Sorcerer

Cat Sorcerer is a physics-based game with radically new idea. Most traditional physics-based games are mechanics-based. Cat Sorcerer, on the contrary, is an optics-based game. You use the laws of geometric optics, such as reflection, refraction and total internal reflection, to estimate laser's directions. Your mission is to shoot the rats with your laser.
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